Galena Park, Texas


  • Located in Galena Park, Texas along the Houston Ship Channel
  • Storage Capacity: 14 million barrels (13 million wholly-owned / 1 million owned through a joint venture)
  • Products: Refined Products, Crude Oil, Blendstocks, Residual Fuels
  • Gas liquids blending capabilities: Ability to supply C4 (Butane) and C5 (Natural Gasoline) through a third-party pipeline connection. All tanks at the facility are equipped with mixing capabilities to facilitate blending operations
  • 1 LR-Class ship dock, 2 MR-Class ship docks, 2 barge docks, 2 rail car loading racks, 1 truck loading rack
  • Waterside ship services are permitted, details are provided within the Terminal’s Terminal Information Guide
  • Extensive inbound pipeline connectivity from multiple refinery origins along the Gulf Coast
    • Outbound pipeline connectivity to the Magellan Pipeline Company, LP south system as well as Colonial and Explorer pipelines
    • Foreign-Trade Zone

Contact Information:

Marine Logistics:
Telephone: 713-330-2730

Marine Vetting:

Commercial Inquiries:
Telephone: 918-574-7017 | 918-574-7570