Corpus Christi, Texas


  • Located in Corpus Christi, TX on the Corpus Christi Ship Channel
  • Storage Capacity: 6 million barrels
  • Products: Crude Oil, Condensate, Naptha, Gasoline, Blendstock, Distillates and Dark Oils
  • Port of Corpus Christi Avery Point Docks 3,4,7 and 11, accommodates a wide range of barges and ships
  • Shoreside and waterside ship services are permitted, details are provided within the Terminal’s Terminal Information Guide

Contact Information:

Marine Logistics:
Telephone: 361-903-1118 | 361-903-1119 | 361-903-1146

Marine Vetting:

Commercial Inquiries:
Telephone: 346-772-0633 | 918-574-7621