Environmental, Health & Safety

Our commitment to safety is fundamental to Magellan’s business strategy and our success. We work diligently to ensure the safety of our employees, contractors and communities. Safety is the responsibility of every one of our more than 1,800 employees, wherever we work and live. We not only expect, but we empower every employee to stop any unsafe act. Our safety mindset is reinforced through our Code of Business Conduct and One Magellan operating principles.

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Accountability: We are accountable for our actions. Our practices and procedures are built on keeping people safe, keeping the product in the pipe and being in compliance. These same factors represent our key safety and environmental performance metrics. Quarterly, our performance on these metrics is reported to the Board of Directors and includes our OSHA-recordable injuries and lost time injuries as well as overall safety performance. These metrics are a component of our all-employee annual incentive program calculation that is applicable for every employee in the company.

Continuous Improvement: We embrace the idea that the only difference between an incident and a near miss is the impact, not the cause. For this reason, we not only report and review all incidents but we also report and review near misses to mitigate the likelihood of it happening again and to foster a culture of critical assessment and continuous improvement.

Safety Committees: Magellan’s field-based employees meet monthly to review and actively discuss safety topics, including review of our hazard near misses and lessons learned from across the organization. Led by non-management employees, our field-based safety committees are an integral part of our employee safety program and are instrumental in our continuous improvement process.

Celebrate Success: We regularly take time to celebrate those employees who exemplify behaviors and actions that promote safety and compliance in performing their jobs. From stopping an unauthorized third-party excavation near our assets, to recognizing and removing a potential hazard at the workplace, to coaching and mentoring new employees on the “right way” to perform tasks, up to 25 employees each quarter are awarded a One Magellan coin for going “above and beyond”. 

Environmental, Health & Safety
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Environmental, Health & Safety

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