Safety Management System

Magellan is committed to safe, compliant and efficient design, operations and maintenance of our assets. Our goal is to meet and exceed stakeholder expectations, whether that be the public, regulators, investors, customers, partners or employees. Our System Integrity Plan (SIP) blends specific task performance procedures with asset risk identification and mitigation processes.

In 2015, the American Petroleum Institute (API) published API Recommended Practice 1173 for Pipeline Safety Management Systems, which provides pipeline operators a framework to identify and manage risk, promote a learning environment and continuously improve pipeline safety and integrity. Magellan’s SIP is aligned with API 1173 objectives, and we have formally joined other pipeline operators in committing to incorporation, advancement, and implementation of API 1173.

Magellan’s SIP provides specific guidance to achieve safe, compliant and efficient operational performance by:

  • Ensuring that our assets are built and operated on sound technical and business principles, in compliance with regulatory requirements and in accordance with industry standards;
  • Applying Magellan standards and practices to complement prescriptive regulations;
  • Ensuring that employees are trained to safely perform their respective duties;
  • Ensuring selection of contractors with demonstrated histories of safe, compliant and responsible performance; and
  • Incorporating external experiences and best practices.

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Safety Management System

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