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Informative materials play an important role in educating the communities near our pipelines. By sharing information with property owners, businesses, excavators, emergency responders, public officials and other interested parties, we aim to raise the awareness of our pipeline facilities and help the public better understand the roles they can play in contributing to pipeline safety. As such, we have established a Public Awareness Program to promote public awareness of underground assets, damage prevention and emergency preparedness.

Annual Mailings: Public awareness messages provide an overview of how pipelines operate and include information on how the intended audience can identify a potential hazard, understand the unique attributes and characteristics of the pipeline, protect themselves, notify emergency response personnel and contact Magellan. In 2017, over 825,000 pieces of educational material were mailed to schools, excavators, farmers, emergency responders and public officials in the communities near our pipelines and terminals. View brochures

Information Meetings: We have committed to maintaining a relationship with local emergency planning commissions and emergency officials and, as part of that effort, we conduct annual informational meetings.

Emergency Responders: We continue to establish and maintain contact with appropriate fire, police and other public officials, including training exercises. These interactions acquaint officials with our abilities when responding to an emergency and helps establish a shared understanding of responsibilities and resources in the event of a pipeline emergency. In all cases, emergency responders are directed to protect people first, then the environment and next property. View emergency response information

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