Emergency Response & Preparedness

code redOne of Magellan’s core values is to keep the product in the pipe. In the unlikely event of a pipeline release, our immediate goal is to minimize the impact to people and the environment. To achieve this goal, we have created a comprehensive system of Emergency Response and Preparedness plans, standards, and procedures. The core of this system starts with a concept we developed called the “60 Minute Assault”. In this approach, we’ve made it a goal to create an immediate and overwhelming assault on the release with the goal of finding, containing, and starting recovery within 60 minutes. The assault begins in our pipeline control center which initiates an emergency event. Automated communication systems reach out to our spill management teams who use group texts to move spill resources and personnel to the site. We immediately reach out to the local emergency response agencies to advise them of the potential release. 

Because plans can’t just exist on paper, we conduct training. All operations personnel receive annual spill response and incident command training.  We then assemble key operations members into geographic spill management teams. These spill management teams attend training and an annual exercise, most often with local, state and federal officials so we can discuss and collaborate tactics, resources, hazards and response efforts. We conduct about ten of these drills each year. During these drills, we also discuss events and lessons learned from pipeline incidents involving Magellan or other pipeline operators. The teams are led by qualified individuals, who receive special training in incident command and spill response management. Magellan has nearly 250 qualified individuals.

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