Board Committees

Magellan's Board of Directors has multiple standing committees, on which the independent directors serve as representatives of the full board. Click here for more information about the board

In photo at right, from left, Edward J. Guay, Stacy P. Methvin, Robert G. Croyle, Michael N. Mears, James R. Montague, Walter R. Arnheim, Lori A. Gobillot, and Barry R. Pearl.

Audit Committee
Our audit committee reviews our external financial reporting, retains our independent registered public accounting firm, approves services provided by the independent registered public accounting firm, participates in the selection of the independent registered public accounting firm's lead partner of the Partnership's account and reviews procedures for internal auditing and the adequacy of our internal accounting controls. The New York Stock Exchange rules require publicly traded limited partnerships to have an audit committee, which must have three independent members. Our audit committee currently consists of four members, all of whom are independent.

Compensation Committee
Our compensation committee approves all components of our executive officers’ compensation and benefits and makes recommendations to our Board of Directors with respect to directors' compensation.  

Nominating and Governance Committee
Our nominating and governance committee identifies and recommends the nomination of individuals qualified to become directors, develops and recommends to our Board of Directors our corporate governance guidelines, encourages directors to participate in continuing education programs, oversees the evaluation of our Board of Directors and its standing committees annually, approves all officer positions and assists our Board of Directors in its oversight responsibilities regarding our governance. The committee is also responsible for succession planning for the CEO and officer positions to ensure development of future leaders who demonstrate required professional competence and exemplify our core values/One Magellan tenets.

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