Community Outreach

Magellan actively engages with the various communities in which we work. Below are a few of the groups with which we communicate regularly.

united wayCommunity Relations

As a community partner, Magellan invests in programs and works with charitable organizations that align with our values and enhance the quality of life and economic well-being in the communities in which we operate and where our employees work and live. As one example, Magellan employees organize an annual campaign across the company to support the United Way. With employee pledges, matching funds and special event fundraising, Magellan and its employees have contributed more than $4 million to our local United Way agencies. Additionally, our employees volunteer in our communities, reaching out to promote local initiatives and projects that enhance the quality of life for everyone. We annually review and identify strategic charitable organizations that Magellan supports at the parent company level. We have an employee involvement annual budget from which we donate funds to eligible non-profit organizations where our employees actively give of their time and resources. Read more about our community involvement by visiting the Corporate Responsibility in Action page. 

Government Relations

Magellan has developed a system of public outreach which has been successfully implemented in connection with a number of our major pipeline projects. By proactively meeting with elected officials at the federal, state and local levels, we introduce our company and explain how we provide benefits to the public, inform them about projects that will be ongoing in their community and provide them with a single point of contact in the event they receive questions or requests for information about the project from their constituents. Developing relationships with officials in the areas in which we operate demonstrates that Magellan is the kind of company they should want to have in their community, and we are prepared to address issues that arise.


Magellan strives to be a good neighbor and to treat landowners, on whose property our facilities may be located, fairly and considerately. We are required by law to send information to landowners who live or own property within a certain distance of our facilities. However, we go above and beyond those obligations by also educating property owners who are outside of those regulatory limits.

We seek to maintain an open line of communication with landowners by giving them notice whenever we plan to dig or do work on their property. We also respond to hundreds of inquiries each year from individuals who request general information and pose questions about our operations. As we pursue new projects, we diligently work to ensure fair negotiations with landowners.

Native American Relations

Magellan meets with Native American tribes that may in some way be affected by our operations. By proactively initiating a dialogue, our intent is to minimize the impact a proposed pipeline or other project may have on areas that are of historical or cultural significance.

Public Awareness

As part of our community relations program, Magellan strives to enhance public safety and environmental protection through increased public awareness and knowledge. By sharing information with property owners, businesses, excavators, emergency responders, public officials and other interested parties, we aim to raise the awareness of our pipeline and storage facilities and help the public better understand the roles they can play in contributing to pipeline safety. Each year, we donate considerable time and resources to training local first responders in case of emergency events occurring along our pipelines or at one of our terminals. 

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