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Media Advisory Update #2

October 16, 2017 4:50 p.m. Central Time

The majority of the gasoline which contained a small percentage of diesel fuel has been removed and replaced with on-specification fuel allowing most affected gasoline retailers to return to normal operations. We expect to remove and replace the remainder of the affected gasoline early this week.

We wish to apologize to our customers, fuel distributors, retail gasoline marketers, fuel consumers and state regulators that have been affected by this unfortunate incident.

Clarification: Our media advisory issued on the afternoon of October 15th stated approximately fifty stations may have received the affected gasoline. Based on our analysis, we continue to believe this estimate is accurate. However, it is technically possible that more stations received the affected gasoline with an even smaller percentage of diesel fuel. Out of an abundance of caution, we provided state regulators with a list of all stations which received low-octane gasoline loaded at our Rochester terminal during the timeframe in question. 

Media Advisory Update #1

October 15, 2017 3:45 p.m. Central time

Magellan is continuing to coordinate with specific retail stations and co-ops to remove gasoline, which inadvertently contained a small percentage of diesel fuel.  Several stations have been replenished with on-specification gasoline and have now returned to normal operation. Approximately fifty retail stations may have received the affected fuel and majority of the retail locations are in the greater Rochester, MN area.

If a gasoline consumer purchased the affected fuel on Friday October 13, 2017 or Saturday October 14, 2017 from a retail outlet included on the list provided by the Minnesota Department Commerce and has a concern regarding the compatibility of the affected fuel, we encourage them to contact their mechanic or automobile dealer to discuss options to resolve the issue. Affected gasoline consumers should contact their gasoline retailer or the Minnesota Department of Commerce if they wish to file a potential claim. Magellan will cover all legitimate claims.

Media Advisory

October 15, 2017

Due to an operations malfunction, Magellan Midstream Partners’ Rochester, MN fuel distribution terminal inadvertently added diesel fuel into gasoline, potentially impacting 87 octane gasoline distributed from the loading bays at the terminal.

Gasoline recently loaded into transport trucks which could have contained a percentage of diesel fuel were subsequently delivered to local service stations, convenience stores and truck stops in the greater Rochester area. Magellan has notified the Minnesota Department of Commerce and is working with the affected fuel stations to promptly recover and replace the off-specification product.

We will provide an update later today with more details including information for motorists who may have purchased the affected fuel.

Magellan has taken action to resolve the operational malfunction and the Rochester terminal has resumed normal operations. As a result of this incident, we have implemented additional testing measures to ensure the products leaving the terminal meet all appropriate specifications.

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